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A REVIEW OF PHILIPS AIRFRYER. Air frying is a concept that has to draw the attention of many chefs all over the world because it involves deep frying without the worries of cooking with large quantities of hot oil which pose a significant danger and it is also a health risk to consumers. This fryer has numerous befits to both cooks and ultimate consumers of food. It is so amazing how the fryer works, it directs hot steam of air over and around the food which is in a basket. The holder is in a compartment which slots into the front of the appliance – so you can forget about lowering of food into hot oil. You can use the thermostat to set cooking temperature and set cooking period using its timer. At the end of cooking, the fryer goes off. The container divider has compartments which you can utilize to prepare various foodstuffs at a go. You can prepare all the common fried ingredients with remarkable accomplishment. Not forgetting desserts and brownies which you can make using this air fryer and much more foods which you would not imagine. This property of the fryer makes it flexible. It is like convection stove, although it has a holder to allow it to hold foods that would usually enter the deep fryer.
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Nonetheless, it is probably true to note that chips are the food that grabs the attention of most customers. Airfryer is outstanding in cooking chips. To successfully prepare chips, take a little time to research the easiest way to use the machine – the right potatoes varieties, the exact cooking time and much more- you will be delighted with the outcomes. You should remember to add a little bit of oil – you will need to add about half of a spoon every time. The air fryer does not take a lot of time during cooking, and it compares well with other types of cooking such as deep frying or oven baking.
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It occupies a bit more space when you compare it other food processors, and it seems spectacular and innovative. The fryer parts that come into contact with food are dishwasher secure, and this will give you an easy time when cleaning. This fryer is outstanding because it comes with a quick-start manual to start you off and a complete recipe book which has 30 recipes. This fryer will surely work for you. You will not need to worry about all those health problems that are as a result of consuming fatty foods. You can count on this fryer to help you achieve your dietary objectives.