My Backyard is My Absolute Solice

I just started spending time in my backyard. I did not realize how nice my deck was until I went out there with a garden bench and just sat and admired what the beauty was around me. Many people have told me that I had a nice yard to sit in when they came over but I hardly ever liked to sit out. I always thought that it was really a lot of work to get the yard ready to enjoy it. You have to mulch around your flower beds every year, and it can take hours and a lot of money to maintain the mulch, if you do it every single year. The color, like red, starts to dull in the sun after a year or two so I always like to go and get new mulch to keep it fresh every year. I was happy to see my husband come home with a bag of red mulch that was made of recycled tires, and it was all rubber.

I was not sure that I wanted to use rubber in my garden, but like he said, we have put chemically treated wood chips in our yard and sometimes they would come with all these different bugs and beatles, and they would eat the leaves on our flowers and it became a problem. I was worried that the rubber was not environmentally friendly, but I saw that it still had the tread marks from the tires that they were recycled from. I could not believe that it was making a difference in our land fills and I knew that it was going to make a mark in my yard. I was really happy to see that I was making a small change and making the earth a better place in the universe.