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Benefiting from the Latest Hurricane Retrofit Products

Hurricanes cannot be avoided. Hurricane damage is. Very often, experts identify four areas that caused the problems in hurricane- damaged homes: the roof, garage doors, doors, and windows. Weak spots or failure in any of these areas can result to serious damage. On the other hand, there are some products that you can add to enhance their safety and keep your home tougher and more protected through a hurricane.

Braces for garage door safeguard the biggest and usually the most vulnerable opening in the house. Made of light aluminum materials, these braces can be installed by homeowners or they can hire a professional for the job.

Hurricane panels will be able to keep doors and windows protected. These panels are usually installed when some hurricane is about to happen and uninstalled afterwards. A steel hurricane panel is heaviest as well can be challenging to handle.

The aluminum hurricane panel version is lighter although it is more expensive. Sheer multi-layer panels made of polycarbonate are see-through as well as lighter to deal with.

Another product that is intended to secure doors and windows are hurricane shutters. These are normally manufactured from steel or aluminum and you can choose to attach them permanently or else removable. They are affixed, or closed, during a looming hurricane and opened, or detached, after. The advantage is that they are strong, although they are among the options that are heavier and higher-priced solutions.

Hurricane foam has been created to offer protection to your roof. It comes as a specially-prepared polyurethane foam glue. Hurricane foam can be applied in the loft to the base of the roof. When correctly applied, it is going to seal any opening among the outer layer connections and fortify the roof’s strength by as much as 5 times. When the roof covering is damaged, water intrusion can still be prevented.

Protective fabric can be used to secure doors as well as windows. This fabric is very strong and light. Some of these fabrics are coated with UV resilient resin, others have PVC coating. These fabrics can withstand water, wind, and soaring debris. Some models are rated as resistant to wind exceeding Category 5 and possess burst strength of more than 1,200 lbs. They are beneficial because they are lightweight and effortless to install at the same time. Storing is not going to be a problem since most of them fold up into some small size.

Hurricane window films fastened inside of windows offer added protection. They can allow glass to break but this film will hold the window in position until the storm has passed and the window is replaced. These films are mainly advantageous because they are comparatively cheaper thus more affordable. Once installed, you do not have to do anything else when there is a looming hurricane. The films are see-through and they offer invisible protection.

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