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New Plastic-Free GoGlass Terra Borosilicate Glass Water Bottle is Now Available


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Americans went through more than 50 billion disposable plastic water bottles in one recent year, according to a Fast Company Magazine report, with fewer than one in four being recycled. Reusable plastic and metal bottles come with their own drawbacks, though, often leaving an aftertaste and subjecting their owners to dangers like BPA, phthalates, or lead.

A new glass water bottle with sleeve from GoGlass solves the problem for good, addressing all the issues at once. Made from rugged, shatter-resistant, heat- and cold-tolerant borosilicate glass and equipped with a protective silicone sleeve, the GoGlass Terra is the best water bottle on the market.

Producing no aftertaste at all and free of BPA, BPS, PVC, phthalates, polycarbonate and lead, the Terra is a no-compromise way to eliminate the waste inherent in disposable bottles. With only a durable stainless steel cap, pure borosilicate glass, and a silicone seal ever touching water or other beverages, Terra owners can always drink with confidence. The innovative, one-of-a-kind glass water bottle is available now at the GoGlass e-commerce store and on, with a brand-new Vimeo video detailing its many advantages.

“Like so many others, we were never satisfied with either disposable water bottles or the various reusable plastic or metal alternatives,” said GoGlass representative Shawn Gibson. “We knew there had to be a better answer, and the GoGlass Terra bottle is the result of a great deal of research and hard work. We resolved right from the beginning to solve all the problems that people have with drinking bottles, and we’re proud to report that we truly achieved that goal. With our GoGlass Terra borosilicate glass bottle now available to all, we think many future owners are going to be delighted.”

More than half of all Americans, according to research conducted by the nonprofit Pacific Institute, now drink bottled water regularly. With people worldwide spending an estimated $100 billion annually on bottled water in various forms, it takes more than 17 million barrels of oil just to produce the disposable containers that Americans buy and throw away each year.

For that and other reasons, many instead try to rely on reusable water bottles that reduce the associated environmental costs. As with a notable 2007 study that highlighted the risk of exposure to a potentially harmful chemical known as BPA, however, such proposed solutions often create concerns of their own. Many also find that reusable plastic or metal water bottles create unpleasant aftertastes that further drag the experience down.

The GoGlass Terra borosilicate glass bottle was created to effectively address the full range of issues related to water bottles. Completely free of substances like BPA, BPS, PVC, phthalates, polycarbonate and lead that are sometimes found in other products, the GoGlass Terra bottle also leaves no aftertaste at all. With the bottle itself made from rugged, shatter-resistant borosilicate glass, an attached stainless steel cap, silicone seal, and protective silicone sleeve round out the construction. The Terra glass water bottle is available now at the GoGlass website and on Amazon, and a new video on Vimeo introduces the innovative product.

About GoGlass:
Founded with a mission of overcoming all the problems common to water bottles, GoGlass is the maker of the sustainable, safe, rugged Terra borosilicate glass bottle.

Short Course on Tubs – Covering The Basics

The Benefits of Only Getting the Best Hot Tubs

At the end of a very stressful day, nothing compares to soaking yourself in a hot, bubbly tub. Not only does this help you attain relaxation but also you get to attain several health benefits it offers. Even though hot tubs were previously very expensive to take hold of for any average consumer, now, they can be easily bought by almost anyone.

If you are after buying a hot tub or a jacuzzi, then surely you will have several places to look out for. With the increasing number of big box and major market stores selling hot tubs and supplies, you are sure to find one that best suits you. It is recommended to look for the most suitable hot tubs in appliance and hardware stores if you only want to get the best advice from the experts and a hot tub that is luxurious. There are even some stores where they only exclusively distribute outdoor water and bathroom appliances. Purchasing your own hot tub directly from the manufacturers themselves is also one way of ensuring the best customer service. In most cases, however, manufacturers do not do the sales but will just provide the clients a list of legitimate product distributors. You may want to take the option of buying used hot tubs if your budget is not capable of letting you buy one that is just within your budget. With the increasing number of sales websites with the likes of Craigslist, any client will now be given the chance to get a good deal out of a second-hand product. Nonetheless, paying attention to the time where stores will be having sales is a good idea to getting great deals for those who do not want to do some online shopping. Make sure to inquire the store manager if you can reach a deal to be able to get something for sale. As long as you work hard on persuading the manager, you are sure to get a hot tub that is awesome and is very affordable.

You may have come across the term jacuzzi being referred to a hot tub. The only difference among the two, despite the many descriptions both have that are the same, is Jacuzzi is the name of the brand. It was invented by the Jacuzzi brothers who decided to migrate into the US from Italy. They have mostly worked with hydraulics and aviation. They were called one of the great inventors of their time. Sooner or later, they were then able to invent a hydrotherapy pump. Such a pump was being distributed in schools and hospitals as a kind of therapy. Afterwards, they were then being sold directly to the client. Even though Jacuzzi is a brand name, when a lot of people say this word, what they actually mean is just your standard type of hot tub. Looking for the best hot tubs is not hard as long as you know how and where to look for one.

Case Study: My Experience With Curtains

Guide to Choosing Window Treatments If you want to give your home a new look, consider installing some window treatments. Your home will be elegant and can benefit in various ways when you install the right window treatments. For example, installing various treatments can help to bring out specific themes in your home. There are various type of window treatments you can choose from. This means it can be quite challenging to determine which treatment to go for. Most homeowners simply think of price when choosing window treatments. Inasmuch as you would like to get treatments that are within your budget range, it also pays to consider other things to end up with the right option. Below is an overview of some things to keep in mind when choosing window treatments. Consider their Functionality When choosing drapes and shades, one of the important things you should consider is functionality. You can choose up and down, tilting or side to side drapes or shades depending on whether you have uniquely shaped windows, obstructed windows or dressing windows.
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Up and down treatments can be used on many types of windows, including Cellular Shades, Solar, Romans, and Rollers. Side to side controls work best for Vertical Drapes and Blinds. Side to side options work excellently for dressing sliding glass doors and large expanses of windows. Finally, the tilting options works best for Metal Blinds and Wood Blinds. Tilting allows these blinds to be closed or open with the twist of a wand or pull of a wand.
A 10-Point Plan for Shades (Without Being Overwhelmed)
Consider Privacy Privacy is another important factor to consider when evaluating the window treatments to go for. The extent of privacy you would like to get by installing the treatments should help you know which one to go for. The privacy you may want may be affected by how close your home is to the neighbors’. How much natural light you would like to allow in your home and the view from the window are other things you should keep in mind when evaluating the treatments to use for privacy purposes. If you are looking for complete privacy, choose blinds that provide full blackout. If you only want moderate privacy, the blinds to go for will be those that allow light filtering. Finally, for minimal privacy, you want blinds that will maintain the view of your home. Solar Shades are a good option if you are looking for minimal privacy. The treatments help to block UV rays from getting into your house but still allow you to have a beautiful view of the outside. Sheer Shades and Drapes are also in this category. Light filtering window treatments will allow you to have sunlight and privacy at the same time. Finally, for complete privacy, the best treatments to install would be Blackout Shades. The shades are made from blackout materials and completely block light.

What No One Knows About Curtains

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Window Treatments Do you want to upgrade your home? If this is the case, there are various home improvement options you can try. Installing window treatments is among the options you have. The right window treatments will make your home look elegant and make your stay more comfortable. There are a number of window treatment options you can go for. The type that will be best for your house will depend on your preferences. For example, the treatments used for privacy may not necessarily work if you are looking for functionality. You should do your research well to know the best treatment to go for. Here are three things to keep in mind when evaluating window treatments to buy. Consider Your Windows To begin, check the kind of windows you have. The types of windows of your home can guide you on the treatments to go for. For example, if your windows are standard size, the can be improved with nearly any type of treatment. However, if your windows are quite enlarged, you will have limited options when it comes to window treatments. In most houses, you will find normal-sized windows. Therefore, you may not have to look for special treatments. However, if you have a Victorian age house, its windows are likely to be large and hence they will need special treatments.
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Consider Privacy You should also consider privacy when looking for window treatments. The extent of privacy you may need will determine on how far or close your house is to your neighbors. If you want total privacy at home, the best treatments to install are blackout drapes and shades. With these treatments, you will completely cover the windows. The only downside is that the shades and drapes will also block sunlight from entering your home. If you want to install blackout shades, make sure there is a source of natural light getting into the house. For example, you can install blackout shades on large windows located on the lower side of the wall, if there is adequate lighting provided by windows located on the upper side.
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Your Budget Before starting to search for window treatments, you should have a budget in mind. The quality and style of window treatments you can go for will mostly be determined by your budget. If you would like treatments that complement your existing home d?cor, you may want them to be custom-made. Get in touch with the local home improvement store and find out what treatments are available. Another option is to search for window treatments on the Internet. If you wish to buy online, check whether the treatments come with warranty and money-back guarantee. The above are three things to keep in mind when looking for window treatments.

On Mortgages: My Rationale Explained

Things You Ought to Know About Buying a Home in Canada One of life’s greatest achievements is owning a house. This is simply due to all the value that people attach to it. People go through a lot to save up and buy a house. Not everyone can buy a house with upfront cash, hence mortgages are the best option. Below are some of the factors you should have in mind if you are looking to buy a home in Canada. Market Buying Costs One must first understand what they are working with before they purchase a house. This is particularly with regard to costs Buying a house can be a challenge, more so for the middle-income earners and below. However, this does not mean that there is no hope for you. Many people get scared when they hear about taking a loan to buy a home. There are many stories you probably heard about how you may never finish paying off the lone and this might scare you off. Nonetheless, if you have the right tools and resources, you will surely have a better time with this process. It is important to have a rough estimate of what homes cost in the neighborhood you want to move into. The best way of doing this is checking out the listings of houses that could be for sale online.
On Mortgages: My Experience Explained
The Mortgage Brokers
Loans – My Most Valuable Advice
Brokers are resourceful if you are looking to buy a home through a mortgage. They act as the middlemen between you and lending company They are professionally trained individuals who are good at helping you negotiate for the loan you will need to buy your house so that you don’t have to do it by yourself. They take care of the stressful situations that may occur during the home buying process. Most of the time they will engage in the legal work relating to researching stuff on what is available in the market. In addition to this, they help you through both the application and settlement processes. Put Mortgage Calculators into Consideration Mortgage calculators are also great tools when it comes to checking how much you will need to be paying.When it comes to checking the amount of money you will be paying, mortgage calculators are very useful. You need to know that your credit score and history play a big role when it comes to determining whether you will get the mortgage. However, if you are new to Canada and you do not have a credit history recognizable by the local banks, you should consider creating one as early as you possibly can. You can use a number of different kinds of mortgage calculators. There are some calculators which are free of any charge but others might require you to pay a certain fee depending on the services they offer. Essentially, you need to ensure that you have done a thorough analysis that supports your decision to buy a house. If you don’t know how to calculate mortgage, simply do a web search for a free tool or tutorial.

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Look for the Best Bassinet If you are planning to travel with your baby you need the best bassinet that would not take a lot of space. The best bassinet for small spaces is a travel-friendly sleeping arrangement for your kiddo. It should be simple for you to pack up the bassinet especially during travels. A bassinet with a weight that below 12 pounds would be good for your travel plans. The cozy bassinet would be the best for your kiddo. You should buy a bassinet that would offer your baby comfort. Baby bassinet that attaches to your bed should be the best to buy. You should always look for coziness when buying a bassinet for your little one. You should also be able to get the color you want. A plush and comfortable bassinet would fit your baby so well.
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It should be easy to wash the bassinet. Considering that babies could help themselves anytime, even though we take extra cautions when it comes to the baby sanitation, you should be able to clean up the bassinet with ease.
How to Achieve Maximum Success with Reviews
The bassinet you buy should attach to your bed. If you want a swinging bassinet to sooth your baby all the time look no further than the best shop in the town. Comfort and fun would be provided to your baby when you buy the best bassinet. The best bassinet for your baby is the one with features such as the soothing sounds and nursing timer. All these features would make it very comfortable for your little one. By getting your baby the best bassinet you would help himher grow and develop well. The incredible features that come with the best bassinet should allow you to move it from one place to the next. When the soothing effects of the bassinet starts to set in the baby would fall to sleep almost immediately. There are bassinets for every season. Both winter and summer require that your baby uses a separate bassinet. For your baby to keep warm during the winter some heavy pieces of clothing needs to be fitted in the bassinet. Before you decide to purchase a bassinet you need to carry out research. You could go for window shopping and try to look for the bassinets out there. The online retails could also provide you with the best bassinet. Make sure that you get the best bassinet for your kiddo.

Figuring Out Patios

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Retractable Screen Door The good weather in the summer definitely makes you want to stay on the patio, deck, or balcony for a long time and enjoy. While keeping the doors open to enjoy fresh air from outside, you may find that insects and bugs too enter your house causing an inconvenience. With a retractable screen door, you will only let in air but keep away insects from your house. There are different types of screen doors that you can use to cool down your home during the summer months while keeping harmful insects out. The older models operate just like a swinging door while the newer ones offer a sliding door feature that makes them retractable to their housing for safer storage when not in use. This new design makes it easier to install the retractable screen doors on the doors without messing with the overall look of the home. When installed, the retractable screen doors don’t take up too much space hence won’t cause any inconveniences. When not in use, the screen stays retracted in its housing until when you will need it. Whenever you want to use it, simply pull it across and it will not even interfere with your view. The retractable door not only lets in air, but also allows you to see what is happening outside the door.
Getting Creative With Screens Advice
Installing a screen door doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice on beauty. These doors are normally discreet hence people will not even notice easily that they exist. Unlike screen doors that can actually change the looks of a home, the retractable type are so light and come in different finishes and colors. Since they do come in varying colors, you’ll find it easy to choose what works well for you.
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A retractable screen door can be installed to any door and in any house. It is easy to customize the retractable screen doors since there are many types available in the market hence you only need to choose one that is best for you. The opening in your home will definitely determine the type of screen that you choose. Other than having a professional help during the installation, there are very little restrictions involved in installation of retractable screen doors. If you have decided to install a retractable door in your house, make sure to get the best design you can find in the market. While the meshes need to be small enough to prevent entry of insects, you should still be able to view outside. Not only will the retractable screen door add more functionality to your home, it also helps keep your home cool during the summer.

Finding Ways To Keep Up With Homes

How Are Retractable Patio Screens Made? Sometimes, you just wish the weather was right so that you can open your home windows and doors. However, the menace of flies may keep you from opening the doors and windows as you would like. The good news is that you can use a patio screen to keep the flies out while you have opened your doors. Over the years, the design and functionality of patio screens have changed. About a century ago, the screens were made of horse hair. In the 1920s, the screens were improved as they were made from galvanized steel. The patio screens protected the doors and windows of homes for decades. However, given that steel rusts over time, manufacturers started to make the screens in aluminum. Today, aluminum and vinyl-coated fiberglass are the most common materials used to make screens. Generally, vinyl-coated fiberglass is more popular than aluminum because its costs about half the price. Apart from price, there is no major difference between the two materials when they are used for making patio screens. In most cases, people choose patio materials based on historical preferences. For example, if you live in an areas where vinyl-coated patio screens are common, you may find that they are easily available at stores than aluminum ones.
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How Fiberglass Screens are Made Vinyl-coated fiberglass is the most popular material used to make retractable patios. Manufacturers prefer the material because it does not rust, stain or corrode.
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To make fiberglass, there are a number of processes that must be followed. In a nutshell, a manufacturing company starts with spun-glass filament and apply a vinyl (PVC) coating. When this process is over, the result will be strands that are of various diameters. You can use the fiberglass for various screens including door screens, pool enclosures, patio rooms and window screens. The screens are available in different colors, including dark gray, silver gray, and aqua marine. If you would like to purchase screens for pool enclosures and porches, you can go for 18 x 16 mesh rather than the 18 x 14 mesh. For even more protection from tiny insects such as no-see-ums, the best option would be to get the 20 x 20 mesh. When you use such a mesh, it will not only stop the insects from getting in, but also ensure light is available. If you have heard about the solar or “sun” screen, it is also made of vinyl-coated fiberglass. The screen can be used for both door and window screen, as well as porch, patio and pool enclosures. The best thing about these screens is that they are quite a huge energy saver. Today, there are some patio screens you can install that can help to regulate the temperature of your home.

Getting Down To Basics with Companies

What to look for in a pool specialist. When looking to have a pool within your home, you will find that there are a few things which you ought to consider, which will mean that, there are a few qualities or factors which you have to put into consideration thus being able to make certain that you can have a great pool; likewise, they will make sure that you can be contented and also that you can know what it is that can get to work best for you. When getting to make the considerations, you will find that you ought to know what it is that might get to change, likewise, you will have to know what to need for the pool thus being able to make sure that it can be the best available, likewise, you ought to find the best spot which the pool will be placed thus being able to ensure you will be appeased. This will mean that, if you were not having an idea of what might get to work best, it would be best for you to look for a pool specialist, which will make sure that you can have a great pool at all times, likewise, you will find that there can be lots of things which you will get to attain by having a great pool, meaning that, you can get to know what it is that can work to your advantage or even what it is that you might get to do thus being contented.
Case Study: My Experience With Pools
Furthermore, with a pool specialist, you will find that you will be dealing with a professional, which will be a means of making sure that you can also get to know of the available pool designs and also which one can be appealing to you, this will make sure that you will find the pool which you can like and also the one which you believe will be the best for you.
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When getting to attain a pool, you will attain lots of benefits, one being that you can always get to exercise better, something that some people might not know will be that swimming is always a better means to making sure that you will attain what you might be looking for, which will mean that, you can be able to know what it is that can work to your advantage; likewise, you will be able to exercise every bit of your body at all times. Likewise, you ought to know of all the considerations which you have to make, the budget being one of them, you will find that, buying what you can afford will work to your advantage, likewise, you will find that it can be a better means of making sure that you do not get to overspend, likewise, the installation will be another thing to consider thus being able to know when to start enjoying the pool.

What Research About Experts Can Teach You

The Fascinating Water Damage Restoration Companies Water damage usually occur as a result of various reasons ranging from leaking roofs, overflow at the washing machine, broken pipes, plumbing leaks, clogged toilets, foundation cracks to moisture behind the walls. There are a large number of water damage restoration companies that have understood the frustrations faced by people in the incidence of water damages instigating them to establish a good platform where they can easily provide exceptional water damage restoration services that will as well mitigate such future problems. Hence, it is very important for property holders who have identified certain leakages in their homes to make sure that they research fully about the best water damage restoration companies where one will be assured with access of quality services. Highly reliable water damage restoration services are usually offered in a wide range of collections involving; provision of a perfect solution to flooding basements, storm and flooding damages and offering sewage backups for the clients to identify their interested service match. The beauty about the highly available water damage restoration services is the truth that they provide a detailed assessment and inspection to damages so as to identify the exact cause of problem and come up with a well-outlined plan that will enhance provision of satisfactory services. More so, the amazing water damage restoration service providers offer emergency services efficiently since they avail a twenty-four hour system of operation and as well keep the interests of the clients first making it easier to restore walls, floors and individual property.
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It is undoubtedly true that the pleasing water damage restoration companies make sure that that they put together cutting edge technology with state-of-art equipments in complete detection of the hidden moisture, extraction of stagnant water and clean the property thoroughly. Furthermore, the trusted water damage restoration companies assure their clients with commendable finishes by making to it that they apply the best sanitizing and deodorization agents that will definitely enhance safety and comfort while using your property. Highly regarded water damage restoration companies are sourced with highly trained technicians and comprises of a wide track of records and many years of experience in provision of exceptional services while keeping the interests of the clients first.
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The amazing thing concerning the highly pleasing water damage restoration companies is the fact that they offer relatively reduced prices for their quality services to enable many willing clients to afford with less hassle while good discounts are as well availed. It is unbelievably true that the assuring water damage restoration services are offered at well designed websites that reveal custom icons to enable the clients to choose their desired service plans, receive frequent updates about the latest techniques and conveniently make orders. Lastly, highly reliable water damage restoration companies make sure that they are fully certified with reputable standardizing bodies that regularly test and examine services for quality assurance while the held licenses assure legal services.