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Making Your Own Fiberglass Sculpture

The fiberglass sculpture has been one of the most popular fine art among the people in the recent time. It can show you the beautiful designs and lightweight. So, it can be moved whenever you want to complement your home decoration in the best way. Then, in case you really love this sculpture, you can actually make your own fiberglass figurine by following some steps below.

The first thing that you have to do is preparing several things such as fiberglass resin, modeling clay, fiberglass matte, Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide (MEKP), bondo, petroleum jelly, plaster mix, 3 inch wood screws, 2 by 4 inch lumber of plywood, and etc. Second, after preparing all of those things, you can start creating the mold of the sculpture using the modeling clay and coating it using the petroleum jelly. Third, you have to make a box which is 3 inch larger than the clay on all sides use the 2 by 4 inch lumber of plywood. Afterward, you can pour the mix plaster into the box around the model. After the plaster gets dry, you have to remove the model. The next, you can coat the inside of the plaster using the shellac and let it dry overnight. So then, you can prevent the fiberglass get sticky on the plaster. Now, the mold of the sculpture is ready to use.

Furthermore, you can start making the fiberglass mix using the rest of the substances such as fiberglass resin and MEKP. Well, you have to ensure that you mix those substances in the ventilated area in order to prevent the fumes of the mixture from irritating your lungs. After mixing the substances, you can pour it into the mold carefully. Then, you have to cover all the part of the mold using the fiberglass matte and let it dry and get cold for 45 minutes until it is ready to break off.