Fountain Ponds Are More Just Than Effective Aerators

Natural and man made ponds will suffer without proper aeration. It is possible to prevent the overgrowth of algae, to improve the water quality and encourage more wildlife to enjoy the pond without making major changes or spending a lot of money.

A fountain may be all that is needed to improve the aeration and bring life back to a dying pond. The benefit of purchasing a fountain is that it does so much more than just add oxygen to the water.

Improve the Appearance

Not only does a fountain has a visually appealing look, but it improves the appearance of the pond as well by breaking up surface algae and pond scum. The movement of the spray released from the fountain helps to clear away the algae. The added oxygen prevents algae from over producing in the future. This will help to keep the water clean and the surface available for more attractive things to grow like water lilies.

Increase its Visibility

Many aeration fountains have lighting features that turn the spray of water into a light show at night. There are fountains that have a single lens for one solid color or multiple lights for a rainbow. Others can flash different colors and some even make it possible to match the light bursts with music. It instantly makes a pond that would have normally been invisible after sunset the focal point when entertaining at night.

Attract More Birds

Birdwatchers will have even more opportunities to enjoy their hobby after purchasing this type of aeration system. There is no reason to fear that a fountain will frighten off birds. In fact, the sound of moving water is very appealing to birds and a healthy pond is a great natural resource to many species.

Companies like living water aeration make it easy to find a fountain for any size or shape of pond. There are kits that offer a variety of spray patterns for whatever design is desired. The options also move different volumes of water to achieve complete aeration in ponds of any depth. Purely decorative fountains are also available if aeration is not a concern.